My Social Justice Class

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Personally, I love school and I love all of my classes. However, I still have my favorites, and those are the ones that make me think about the world I live in. Biology, physics, and world history are some examples because it urges me to question my surroundings. Social Justice has that aspect as well, so I can most definitely say it has the potential to be one of my favorite classes for this semester. On the first day, Mr. Vega did not hesitate to hit the ground running. He immediately began raising questions about society, politics, poverty, and much more. He taught about God’s role and our roles in social justice and then asked us what the title of the class means, “social justice.” After looking on Google and talking with my classmates,…show more content…
We read a prayer concerning social justice and discuss its meaning at the beginning of every class. Then, we conclude with a personal prayer either by a student or Mr. Vega (the teacher). This simple exercise taught me about the anxieties and worries of those who are experiencing injustice, especially people from poor countries. A prayer is different from a history book or a newspaper. It is filled with emotion and passion. So, whenever I read the prayer, I can feel the sufferings of those people who would pray these words, whether it is about war, poverty, crime, etc. As a result, I am more aware of the injustices of the world, and a passion is fostered within me to do something about it. These prayers led us to do a major homework assignment, “My Vision of a Just World.” The directions were, basically, to post images and text on a poster board of what a just world looked like to us. When it was due, many of my classmates had some really interesting opinions. Some topics that were mentioned were gender equality, health care, euthanasia, gay marriage, and gun control. And, what truly amazed me was that, overall, we had the same idea. We all wanted a world that is peaceful, equal, respectful, kind, fair, and…show more content…
The biggest obstacle is that what we want tends to block us from what others need. We want our way, our money, our life, and nobody else’s. I learned that sometimes, one must give up a piece of their pie so that others can have some. We must be willing to sacrifice our desires for social justice. More recently, we began reading and reflecting on God’s vision and Jesus’ vision of a just world. We found a lot of similarities between the two. God wants a world where people turn away from focusing on themselves and, instead, focus on others. He wants us to put others’ needs before our desires. In the same way, Jesus teaches that we should be merciful to those who sin and especially to those who persecute us. His vision of a just world is one where all accept everyone and put our attention to caring for others instead of our worldly possessions. Interestingly, these visions are not far from what we envisioned previously. We also desire a selfless world. We want equality and respect. So, if God wants a just world and we want a just world, we should work to create a just
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