My Son Christian By Mark Carrasco Essay

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Dedicated to: My son Christian You have walked with me in the darkest moment of my life. You have my love and devotion, no matter how upset I may get with you. Copyright 2015 by Mark Carrasco All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. Contact can be made with the author through email at INTRODUCTION This book initially began as a commentary on my Facebook page, entitled, “Do Animals Go to Heaven?” It was the product of a question asked of me by our church youth. Several within the adult congregation disagreed with me. However I presented scripture as well as sound teachings. When I asked what their scriptural denial to my stance was, the reply I received was, “It’s in there somewhere,” referring to the Bible. Their incorrectly held beliefs were based on personal “feelings” and a failure or refusal to read the Bible. Their difference with my stance was due to flawed doctrinal traditions and false assumptions on their part. Where did they get these traditions and how did they come to these conclusions? I do not know. However, I am by no means one to allow others to continue in the dark. I began putting together notes to strengthen the stance of my article and before I knew it is was faced with over four hundred pages of notes. I realized that what I had to say on the topic could not be limited to merely an article in the “Notes” section of my social media page. Originally, I

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