General Purposes Of Psychology Essay

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One of the most important parts of being an expert within a particular area of study is sharing learned information with other practitioners of the same field. When studying any discipline, it is imperative to be familiar with the way that knowledge is shared within that particular subject. Although there are a plethora of media outlets in the present day that allow experts to share their knowledge in a variety of new and exciting ways, many subjects continue to present their most scholarly findings through academic writings. Academic writing in my specific field, psychology, answers questions about behavior and mental processes with conclusions drawn from research and observation in order to describe, explain, predict, or control it (Cicarelli).
Before someone can understand an individual piece of psychological research, it is important to understand the general purposes of psychology. Psychologists are social scientists that study the processes within the bodies and minds of both people and animals in addition to the outward behaviors that are inherently affected. They describe what happens in reference to a person or animal’s behavior, often learned through observation. Theories are then formed in attempts to explain what happened in those observations. Furthermore, psychology seeks to predict when certain thoughts or behaviors will happen again. Experts desire to control these thoughts and behaviors in order to replace those that are harmful or undesirable with

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