What Is Pschology?

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I was always awkward sexually, I don’t mean awkward in the sense of performing coitus but rather everything else. During sex I rather enjoy myself as any young man would, but before the act and after It where the awkwardness kicks In, Is where I find myself loathing the world and the person I am about to, or have recently just fucked. Usually young men enjoy the chase and thrill of courting. My best friend prefers this to sex itself, he believes that “It is a canvas in which only the best artists are capable of painting on”. In some ways Intend to agree with him and then reality kicks in and I remember that people are disgusting creatures, before, during (especially during) and after sex.
I don’t exactly know where my hatred for u …show more content…

Sex is a constant.
I recently decided to stop having sex, not because I was bad at It or because It was boring me, but because I would rather eat a cactus through my anus than talk to a man or woman before or after. Instead of going to a bar or club to meet that selected nights sexual counterpart there should be some sort of system. If you aren’t looking for anything serious you register at your nearest ‘sex registry and on your specified day or night you meet up with the person fuck somewhere and then part ways. The rules will be;

1. One must fill in a form before hand to specify what they want in a partner. The computers will find a match.
2. After coitus the male or female must leave the premises immediately.
3. After coatis and the leasing of the premises the two people must never be in contact again. If It Is revealed that a ‘short term couple’ have decided to rendezvous they will be struck from that particular registry and must move to another. If this happens three times the person will be barred from all registries and no longer able to participate.

Sounds quite good to me, of course you don’t have to do it this way, you can still go to clubs.
But why would you? After all people are cunts.
Take for Instance the man I’m sitting opposite too, he won’t stop talking long enough to eat the nitro

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