My Study Of Natural Selection. Finches Have Become Almost

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My Study of Natural Selection
Finches have become almost synonymous with the concept of natural selection, thanks to Charles Darwin. But, while he may have come up with the theory that the finches automatically choose the traits that will benefit their existence, he didn’t really provide any solid proof of this actually happening. Of course you can assume it does because of adaptation and evolution, but it would take more than a few weeks to really get concrete evidence of this happening. Fortunately, Rosemary and Peter Grant provide us with the evidence to support the theory of evolution and natural selection. They head back to the Galapagos Islands to pick up where Darwin left off and find out what really goes on in the process of the …show more content…

My study will be looking at a new species of woodland creature, similar to a squirrel or chipmunk and how the natural selection process acts in their environment. Some creatures have spots, some have stripes and some are much furrier than others. All are herbivores and need water to survive. The creatures with spots, as well as the ones with stripes are the only ones that can climb, the creatures with a heavier coat of fur are able to run a bit faster than the other ones. The creatures thrive in forest biomes, much like what you would find near the mountains. For this study, each one will be tagged and released them into the wild, while continuously monitoring their progress much like what the Grants did.
The creature’s main predators are larger, carnivorous animals and they can also die from the environment and disease. My initial hypothesis is that the creatures with designs will last longer because of the ability to camouflage and their ability to climb. But then again, the ones with more fur could survive because of having a bit more protection from the elements and their ability to run fast. The study to see which hypothesis is correct will go on for 1 year initially to make sure there is enough time to get a good look at multiple offspring. My team will consist of professionals in the study of evolution, animal behavior, etc. Hopefully 30+ researchers all helping to document how the animals

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