My Study On My Teaching Essay

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My Teaching Performance I have stated teaching computer science in 2004 in a private international high school. Beside on Marzano’s five domains and Haberman’s Dimensions, I would rate myself 3 on a scale of 10. I haven’t thought about my first year teaching until this assignment. When I look at the dimensions and domains I thought about myself that I was a terrible teacher. I had an idea about how to teach, what should be done in classroom, however applying these theories to the real life classroom environment was not easy for me as first year teacher. In my first classroom, I was eager to teach everything in the curriculum without differentiation. I believe that my enthusiasm for subject help me to build a strong relationship between myself and my students. I would rate myself 9 on a scale of 1-10. I rated myself 9 because I feel that I am confident of what I am teaching with my eleven years of experience. I have clear expectations, rules and classroom procedures. I demonstrate solid knowledge of the concepts and skills. I know how to display and apply a wide range of effective pedagogical approaches in my subject. I use several different types of learning and provide opportunities for diverse learning styles. I did not rate myself 10 because I think there are some areas I need to improve myself such as alignment of outcomes with current standards. My Teaching Performance Versus Student Needs I am not teaching computer science anymore but I serve as a mentor

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