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Principles Of Management Wk 1: Dis In this week’s discussion you will begin to explain the four management functions and the evolution of management thought. In Chapter 11, “Motivation” read pages 360-390 and answer questions from “Why Won’t They Take a Break?” on page 391. Discuss the following: Which motivation theory(s) do you think would help communicate the importance of vacation time to your employees? I would go with McClellands learned needs theory. This theory suggest that people are motivated by need of affiliation as well as achievement. I think by explaining to employees the benefit of vacation time could be used to express the importance of it, by suggesting to employees that vacation time can be used for time other than the…show more content…
[ Your success in encoding depends partly on your ability to convey information clearly and simply, but also on your ability to anticipate and eliminate sources of confusion the key part of this is knowing your audience. Failure to understand who you are communicating with will result in delivering messages that are misunderstood. channel...messages are conveyed through channels, with verbal including face-to-face meetings, telephone and videoconferencing; and written including letters, emails, memos and reports. Different channels have different strengths and weaknesses. decoding...Just as successful encoding is a skill, so is successful decoding just as confusions can arise from errors in encoding, it can also arise from decoding errors. This is particularly the case if the decoder doesn't have enough knowledge to understand the message. receiver...your message is delivered to individual members of your audience. No doubt, you have in mind the actions or reactions you hope your message will get from this audience. Keep in mind, though, that each of these individuals enters into the communication process with ideas and feelings that will undoubtedly influence their understanding of your message, and their response. To be a successful communicator you should consider these before delivering your message, and act appropriately. Wk 5: Dis You have read about ethics and social responsibility, and

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