My Thoughts On Type Of Training Essay

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I would like to formally write this letter to express my thoughts on the type of training I have experienced while starting this position. I appreciate everything you have done for me so far and though there were great qualities to this training program, I believe that there are many areas that could be improved upon as well. I know that you have put ample time into a training manual to make sure that new employees are learning everything they should. The purpose of this letter is solely to give you input from the other side of the training manual. There may be things that you may not have realized and I personally think this would be beneficial to your employees or prospects. You may have noticed that after the initial training period, I still had plenty of questions that were not addressed during the training session.

I would like to start this letter with the great aspects of this training program. I really appreciated that you have cleared your schedule for 2 days to explain to me the process of my job. My first impression was when you had pulled out a list of topics that you would like to discuss over. It seems very organized and well thought out. The list of topics hit every important task that I am going to have to do along with the programs needed in order for me to do my job correctly. Not only was this list informal, but it also allowed for you to check off the topics that we have already addressed.

Another part of the training process that I thought

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