My Time At The United States

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We all come from different backgrounds with different stories. Each of our stories uniquely shows our background and a part of who we are.Many of our families come from different countries to the United States. Many of them wishing for a job, place to call home, and a better life in general. Immigrating from their home country to a new country comes with some difficulties, but in the end, all the hard work and suffering through things that come from moving to a foreign country, will pay off.

My family originated from Zapotlanejo,Jalisco,Mexico. Both my grandma and grandpa from my father 's side grew up there. They had very little education but grew up being hard workers. When my grandparents got married they had four children in Mexico. It became hard for my grandparents to maintain all children when jobs were hard to find and payed very little. In 1962 my grandpa came to the united states looking for a job. He came to Southern California because he had family in the area. My grandpa found a job in Los Alamitos at a restaurant called Marie Callender 's as a cook and went back for his family. In 1963, my grandparents and their four children came to the United States. My dad was the youngest of them all he was barely a year. When they came here to California the immigration was not a huge problem so they were able to cross with no problems. When they came here my grandma was pregnant with one of my aunts,so when she was born they fixed papers for the whole family with her.
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