My Transformation Exposure Of Multi Billion Dollar Asset Programs

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I have over $130B in transformations and operated in over 10 industries. My transformation exposure includes from, multi billion dollar asset programs impacting a global footprint to smaller changes with only a local impact.
In the finance arena my experience addresses both small and large transformation with impacts up to $60B. I have driven change covering from how the accounts are presented, stored, accessed all the way to how they are processed, maintained and reported on including, automated workflows, exemption reporting and automation of financial processes feeding B2B, SMS, contact centres and collections.
At GE, as part of my $27M portfolio, I worked hand in hand with the Hardship team to drive change management and re-engineer process steps from contact centre to approval by leveraging efficiencies provided through integrating regulatory requirements and savings created by full use of the tool stack. This work package included workshops to facilitate understanding of the issues and challenges, evaluation processes to road test and couch the solutions at legal, regulatory, executive, line manager and associate levels, integration of training on the new solution and lessons learned to facilitate improved change in following cycles.

At The Link Group I orchestrated a complete change to client account handling and regulatory reporting as part of a $40M ERP and business process transformation program. This included running workshops to identify and key

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