How Change Can Not Be Avoided With Staff Turnover Will Happen?

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Change is inevitable in all organizations, so it’s vital that we have a plan in place to successfully address any changes that we face in the future. It’s important to remember that change cannot be avoided – staff turnover will happen, competition will change, regulations will change, and resources will ebb and flow – so having a procedure to approach any changes that come our way will greatly benefit our success and profitability. I believe that we are best to have one change process that can be used in any of these areas. Based on many different change processes, I believe that the most comprehensive procedure to suit the varying needs of our organization involves several steps. First, the problem should be defined and goals set.…show more content…
According to Andrew H. Van de Ven and Kangyoung Sun in Breakdowns in Implementing Models of Organizational Change, changes can break down, “…because participants do not recognize the need for change, they make erroneous decisions, or they do not reach agreement on goals or actions,” (Van de Ven & Sun, p. 61). For this reason, it is vital that all involved first agree on what the problem is and, second, agree on what the outcome is. A good example of the need to define the problem and set goals would be in the event of staff turnover. If we lose staff, some management may feel as though the problem is how to train fewer individuals to absorb the lost position(s), while other managers may believe that we are now understaffed and overstretching our team, so we need to hire someone to replace the lost position(s). Before we can address the change in staffing, management first needs to agree on what the problem is, and then decide on the goals – in this example, the goal might be to redistribute duties and train staff members to take on the extra work, or the goal may be to hire a new team member to replace the one who left. Regardless of what the problem is and what goal is established, each person involved must be in agreement. Communicating Changes After we have agreed on the problem and set the goals,
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