My Trip To India Essay

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My trip to India was an astonishing experience, one that I will not forget ever. The country has lots to offer in many different ways, some being culture, nature and culinary ventures to explore, but also the poverty, pollution and begging going on down there.
In India, the variety in social life is amazing. There are diversities of ethnic, economic, religious, class and cast groups all within the Indian society. The cast system has made Indians very obsessed over rank and status. Social relations often start with measuring the person based on caste, ethnic group or rank and how they are related to each other in a certain way according to the cast rules. The country of India occupies the greater part of South Asia, and it is a constitutional republic consisting of 29 states, each of these states have some degree of control over its own affairs. They also have six less fully empowered union territories, and the Delhi
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Most of the people were walking om the roads to get by. The beach in Juhu Mumbai look really pleasing and you would want to go take a dip if you saw it, but no one is allowed to swim there. You would also maybe be scared away from the beach because of the bad smell.
I also went to Elephanta Island via boat which took about 45 minutes. On the island there were old caves with interesting old statue carvings inside. The monkeys were really lame to deal with. Some of the tourists had their packs of chips and crackers snatched from them by these monkeys, and they jumped around like crazy which scared us. We didn’t receive any warning about these monkeys.
Overall I would not recommend traveling to the most populated areas of India, however once you get outside the cities things become much more pleasurable. There is not as much pollution there, and you can actually walk to places where there are no people and experience the rich nature India has to
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