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Colombia is at the northern side of South America. Although it's a very beautiful country. Its has everything you could think of from caribbean beaches, luscious rainforests, beautiful cities, peaceful farms & parks.

The islands & the sea in Colombia are phenomenal! In Cartagena Colombia there are very famous islands named “Islas Del Rosario”. They are available to the public unless you pay. But it's worth it because you get taken in a yacht, get fed, go scuba diving, an aquarium and it will be an unforgettable experience.While you are in the sea, the water is crystal clear, and there's a whole different world underneath the water. Creatures you have never seen, corals,turtles & so much more.

According to surveys & the Happy Planet Index Colombia has topped as one of the happiest countries.Colombia is a very loyal & nationalistic country.Every one in the own towns knows each other & helps each other out. It's amazing to experience that amount of kindness out of everyone there. Also since Colombia is such a happy …show more content…

There are many traditional plates including the “Bandeja Paisa” This platter is the most popular Colombian dish. It's originated Andean region of the country. The plate is very large and it contains white rice, red beans cooked with pork,ground meat, fried pork belly,plantain, fried egg, chorizo, arepas, black sausage, avocado & lemon. If you have any space for food after the Bandeja Paisa you can also have one of the most popular dessert in Colombia! Its called “Arroz Con Leche” traduced to “rice with milk” (rice pudding) but it's made the Colombian way! Including cinnamon, condensed milk and sometimes raisins. Arroz Con Leche is a must have for traditional Colombian food!

In Conclusion, Colombia is an amazing country. Currently it's a very large tourist attraction because of all of its amazing architecture, history, food, beaches, cities & parks. I would recommend going there.If you speak

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