My Values And Skills Development

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Monika Ardelt defines [wisdom] “as a combination of cognitive, reflective and compassionate qualities” (Pearson, 2014, para. 2). My values and skills development, from my exploration stage through establishment stage as defined by Donald Super, have led me on the path toward becoming a self-knowledgeable and wise counselor (The Life Career Rainbow: Finding a Work/Life Balance That Suits You, n.d., para. 19-20). I have gained wisdom and insight by thoughtfully reflecting on and learning from powerful life experiences both personal and witnessed. As my life’s journey continues, it is my intention to add the knowledge and skills requisite to an excellent counselor to my practical and appreciative understanding of the human existence. …show more content…

My brother completed his MBA. My mother completed her master’s degree in clinical psychology at the age of 45.
In contrast to the family drop-outs, in the early 20th century, my mother’s grandmother, Anna Bigert, was accomplishing feats unheard of for women. The Scranton Truth reported her graduation with honors from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy in 1909, “having received the degree of pharmaceutical chemist and doctor of chemistry” (1909, p 16). Eleven years later, in 1920, the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution granted Anna and other women the right to vote (Constitution of The United States, 2016, p. 1015). Despite oppression and “constraints imposed by sociopolitical status” as recognized by feminist theory, Anna went on to own a thriving pharmacy in Philadelphia (Corey, 2017, p. 339). (Family rumor is she also ran a very lucrative side business as a bookie, not to be confused with the bootleggers on my father’s side). My brother’s twin, although diagnosed in childhood with dyslexia and a general reading disability, completed his Ph.D. at age 26. He has confirmed his reason for striving to excel in education was aligned with Adler’s theory that a feeling of inferiority can “motivate us to strive for mastery, success (superiority), and completion” (Corey, 2017, p. 99).
These stories, and many more like them, led to my family’s philosophies that whatever your current circumstance, there is always an alternate, and possibly very

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