Unit 4 Personal Development : Personal Development

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Unit 4 Personal Development Josette Mc Elhinney I.D. No. 10038122 Unit 4 Personal Development. 1.1 I work in nursing home. My person values are ambition, committed, family orientated, hardworking, loyal, self-reliance, acceptance. My personal belief is to treat everyone equally, with respect and dignity. I always remember that every person is unique and different. I show positive regard to everybody. I am a Christian brought up in the Catholic faith, but in my work, there are a lot of people with different faiths like Hindu, Muslim, Jehovah, Anglican. Mrs X who is one of the residents on my ward is Muslim. I attend to her every day. She likes to pray four times a day, covering her face during the day with a hijab. When I finish giving her personal care in the morning, I make sure I give her the hijab to cover her face and then remove it at night before going to sleep. I make sure no male carers are allowed to enter her room or attend to her. She has a female carer at all times. I make sure that I don’t discriminate against any client or staff. I try to give each staff member and client equal opportunity like the same amount of time. I respect the right of clients and staff, by giving the clients the right to chose what they want to do. What they want to wear. What they want to eat. Mrs X wants to go to bed at 22.00 hours every night One night we were short of carers for the night shift, so I put her to bed early, her son came to visit and complained, and asked me to
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