Essay about My Values and God

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Values in life are something that are extremely important to have in my life. A value is something that a person considers to be important to themselves. Financial values vary from person to person. Not everybody wants the same lifestyle. Some people dream of having expensive cars, spacious homes and many possessions. Others search for the simple life, uncluttered by material goods. Our values influence the way we earn, spend, save, invest and spend money. Personal values are influenced by family and friends, by television and movies, and by what attracts us in the marketplace. For example, you may want to go to college, yet you want to earn money to buy a new car. If you cannot afford both, you must make a choice. A goal is a …show more content…
Keep the vision of your goals clear and compelling by using visual representations like tree diagrams and mind maps, which will allow you to create goals into organized patterns. Personal motivation and stamina help to ensure that we are on track with regards to our goal achievements. What motivates you will depend on the consequences of your actions- that is, you will be motivated to select a particular task if it gives you more positive rewards than the other, like enhanced sense of pride and or accomplishment. Being flexible means being able to reframe our setbacks in goal achievement as challenges. It also means looking for alternatives and making them work for us. Self-discipline is about doing what needs to be done rather than what you would like to do. To be more disciplined, you need to take responsibility for yourself managing your own life and fulfilling the goals that you have set out. Achieving goals is a constant process, never a destination in itself. Now that you have arrived at your outcome, it's time to set another objective. However, schedule a period of rest and allow yourself to celebrate your successes; then start on your journey again. Our goals are based on our values. Since we have a limited amount of money, we choose those things we value most. Saving part of current income to purchase a car is taking action to reach a goal. People often use money to gain security,