My View Of Economic Injustices

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Andrea Jefferson: I chose to write this draft because after reviewing each core reading and comparing its material, I realized my view of economic injustices was very clouded. I was so captured by Nick Hanauer’s TED conference I completely forgot about any other issues concerning problems in our economy. My target audience I am trying to reach is the struggling middle-class Americans who may be confused about what is putting the middle class in an unfavorable position economically. By writing this essay, I was hoping to sway the readers with facts and possibly open their minds to interpret and analyze different perspectives when it comes to the issues our middle class faces.
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Republicans praise the middle class but preach that giving the wealthy tax breaks will give us all relief in return. Which leads us all to ask, what is the true cause of middle-class suffering? In this analysis, I have selected “The Phantom Menace: What War on the Middle Class” by Clive Crook and “A TED Talk on Income Inequality” by Nick Hanauer for comparison. These readings place focus on issues within the middle class in America. Hanauer appears to think that low wages and unfair taxation are the main culprit of middle-class struggle. However, Clive Crook feels strongly that these economic inequities are so small compared to other growing problems for the middle class. Nick Hanauer holds a valid point about income inequality being an important issue, but I am not convinced it is the largest problem the middle class faces. Clive Crook’s article leads me to believe a stifling combination of broken social systems and having a class-based system in general are more troubling for Middle-Class America than economic inequality itself.
Nick Hanauer is a self-proclaimed capitalist. In his live conference “A TED Talk on Income Inequality”, he speaks to the audience about tax policy and wages. He believes large tax cuts on the upper class and their majority hold of America’s shared income are significantly hurting middle-class families. He feels that these issues are causing a decline in consumerism, leaving a poor economy and capitalists

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