My Visit To Hawaii Island : A Trip To My Life

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In the summer, of 2016 I took a breathtaking trip to Hawaii Island with my family. We decided to go on this trip because my sister and I never been on a plane and for my sister’s birthday. The island itself is known for exquisite beaches, lush forests, and delectable food. I knew it was bound to impress me, which it did. By far this trip was one of the most unforgettable and fascinating moments of my life starting with the plane ride, activities, and food.

First and foremost, the plane ride to get to Hawaii from San Diego was 5 hours and 2 minutes, and with my sister and I being on a plane for the first time we knew we were in for a rough ride. For instance, I've had a phobia of planes ever since I was 5 after I found out they could crash any minute. This made me feel uncomfortable, so when we finally got into the air I felt nauseous. My sister on the other hand, was fine with the take off and went straight into slumber. Furthermore, about 3 hours into the flight I was feeling completely normal and was actually enjoying the view, but now the tables have turned and my sister, Chloe, was feeling super sick. We finally arrived in Hawaii and I immediately fell in love with the island. Once I took a look at our surroundings I knew this was the island to be on. On the other hand, some of my friends and family told me that Maui was the best island and it was way better than the main island, but they were so wrong.

In addition, to the majestic landscape around us my family and I

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