My Wonderful Opportunity At The Department Of Computer Science For Letting Me Pursue Internship

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to thank Mr. Kishore Bopardikar (Founder and Chairman) and Mr. Charles Marston (Founder and Chairman) for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of Calypso. It was a great experience to be working with such greatly skilled individuals. I would also like to thank my supervisor Mr. Phil Cullen for constantly guiding me and building confidence in me. Under his supervision, I think I have learnt as much as possible. I would like to thank my sub-supervisor Mr. Glenn Stoller and the team members for their patience and also creating a great work environment. I would like to thank the Department of Computer Science for letting me pursue this internship. COMPANY INTRODUCTION Calypso is the leading provider of front-to-back technology solutions for the financial markets. With 17 years of experience delivering cross-asset solutions for trading, processing, risk management and accounting, Calypso focusses its resources on customer problems, bringing simplicity to the most complex business challenges. Calypso provides customers with a single platform designed from outside to enable consolidation, innovation and growth. Calypso provides innovative solutions to complex markets. Calypso’s cross asset front-to-back architecture was conceived and built from inception as a single platform. It is an idea platform for systems consolidation, simplification and growth. Customers can reduce the total number of systems in use,

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