My Writing And Writing Skills

Decent Essays

Throughout the years, my reading and writing skills were never my best aspect growing up as a kid. I always felt that I would never need to learn how to write and read because I wanted to become a superhero when I grew up, and I thought superheroes don’t need to learn that type of stuff because they just save people from the bad guys. As I grew older I knew my dream of flying around and fighting crime wasn’t an option, so I started read and write, which mostly started in kindergarten. I knew it wasn’t something I would enjoy doing but it was part everyday life. Writing papers isn’t something I want to do for a living, but I know it’s something everyone must learn to get better at.
I knew my writing skills were never great because I never put in any thought into the papers I just wrote them as fast as I can and didn’t care about the outcome as long as finished it. During my first month in high school I typed my first paper for my English class, and thinking I would get B I got a D. I went to ask my teacher what was wrong with the paper and she said that the paper didn’t have transition, I made grammar mistakes, and I didn’t follow the right format of: introduction, body, and conclusion.
That’s when I started to realize that I would need to change my format since it wouldn’t be successful in high school. As high school progressed I started to get a little better, but I was still struggling in other of aspects of my writing. So I started preparing outlines for my paper’s,

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