My Year Was A Tough School Year For Me

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My junior year was a tough school year for me. I decided to take American Studies, and, at first, I thought I had made a huge mistake. We had stacks of summer work in both classes and I struggled to understand what Ms. Gilly and Mrs. Gobel wanted from me. I progressively worked day after day to get my homework done. Throughout the school year, I became a better writer than who I started as. Both Ms. Gilly and Mrs. Gobel helped me get to where I am today. American Studies taught me to become the best writer I could be. My summer work was very difficult to me because I saw it as just busy work. When I first looked at what I had to do I thought to myself that could wait till the end of summer and finish it all, but I learned real quick that it was a huge mistake. I struggled to finish all the work and I wanted to go back and yell at myself. Towards the end of summer I was working all day and all night. I was at the point where I just wanted to be done and I did not care what grade I got on the summer assignments. I finally finished all of my summer work and I was so excited. I got to the first day of school and I was so nervous that I did not do the summer work right. I got the summer work back from my teachers and I was disappointed with the grades I got. I started the school year in a major pit and had to dig myself out of this throughout the year. In both of these classes I learned that I could not slack off and had to try to become a better writer. In Mrs. Gobel’s

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