My short term goal is to work as an IT sales professional in pre-sales, sales and post-sales. In

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My short term goal is to work as an IT sales professional in pre-sales, sales and post-sales. In this role, I can understand customers’ diverse, specific business requirements and applying technical product knowledge to apply those needs. I can maintain awareness and keep abreast of constantly changing hardware and software systems and peripherals to the client. My mid-term goal is to achieve a Business Development Manager in a Telecommunications. I look forward to a position that leading the entrepreneurial initiatives and innovation at enterprise level. In this role, I would be responsible for developing, unlocking, modernizing and innovating to improve IT Technology and service delivery to penetrate in to large customers. I believe that…show more content…
I am convinced that Henley is the right school for me. When I visited the Henley SA campus, I was impressed by the facilities and felt connected to the warmth and friendliness of Henley representatives. My interaction with Frempong Acheampong (Academic Director) showed me how the flexible and experiential structure of the program will allow me to learn by doing. One of my key strengths is Team Management and co-ordination skills. Starting my career as software developer has made me to depend and co-ordinate with the different teams to complete the given task. Proper delegation and trust has improved the productivity of my team and can in effect help me to achieve my job responsibilities. I was able to come up with unique solutions not because I came up with all the ideas on my own but because I was lucky to receive a bigger pool of ideas from my teammates. Another of my key strengths is self-confidence and taking calculated risks during decision making. As Migration lead to rollout the new application system from legacy system, It was the First Go-Live day. I received notice that data corruption was happened, and my team has to fix the issue. I had thirty minutes to process the situation, devise a plan, assign tasks, communicate status to superiors, and make decisions on the Go-Live or Rollback. We had exactly two hours to execute the migration plan with complete precision. My mind was completely focused on
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