NCLEX Test Blueprint Essay

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NCLEX Test Blueprint
National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is an examination administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. to graduate nurses in the United States before they can obtain a practicing license. An NCLEX test blueprint is a document produced by NCSBN, which contains a summation of what is assessed in the NCLEX examination as well as the core values of nursing practice. The blueprint serves as a guide for aspiring nurses and nursing student who need to learn the basic requirements of nursing and nursing examination. The blueprint is valuable in exam preparation and as a study guide.
Client Needs in the NCLEX Test Blueprint
In an NCLEX blueprint, client needs are the actions and expectations of …show more content…

It is vital for the nurse to understand all aspects of human growth and development, such as nutrition and pregnancy complications in order to be prepared for any situation.
Psychosocial Integrity
This category deals with caring for the psychological, social and emotional health of the client. Examples of areas under this category that nurses ought to pay attention to include stress management, support systems and therapeutic communication.
Physiological Integrity
This category deals with the physical well being of the client through care. The category is made up of four subcategories, which include reduction of risk potential, physiological adaptation, basic care and comfort and pharmacological and parenteral therapies. Examples under this category include non-pharmacological comfort interventions, pharmacological pain management and therapeutic procedures.
How I plan to use the NCLEX blueprint
I plan to use the blueprint throughout my studies as a guiding resource not only for the purposes of examination, but also to learn about the expectation of nursing practice. The blueprint will be an encyclopedia to remind me of the core principles that govern nursing. The four categories covered in the blueprint encompass the key scenarios that nurses find themselves in and the factors that they need to take into consideration as they embark on patient centered care. Most importantly the blueprint

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