NHS Application Essay: Overcoming Obstacles Of Life

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Amasil Fahim
NHS application essay
Throughout our lives there are many times when a person’s character is tested. There is no one who can escape these obstacles, but there is always a way to break through these obstacles of life. One situation where my character was tested was a few summers ago when I went to the carnival with my best friend. My friend and I were in a bad situation and one of us had to take control and resolve our problem on this stormy night.
A few years ago, in the middle of July, the carnival was in town, so my family, my best friend Ashley, and I decided to go. When we got there we had an amazing time eating funnel cake, playing games and going on rides. At this point it was nighttime and I had convinced Ashley, who was afraid of the fast rides, to go on this small spinning roller coaster with me. We get on the ride and experience our first problem, we couldn’t get our safety bar to lock in place, but this was quickly solved when the ride attendant swooped in and fixed it for us. The ride then took off into fast rotations, I was laughing
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Afterwards I calmly lead her through the torrential rain to attempt to find my mom who somewhere in the wild mess of people. I grab Ashley’s arm so that she does not get lost in the crowd and I am able to locate my mom. At this point Ashley is near tears, so my mom and I lead her under a set of bleachers to wait out the rain. I realized at that point, I had never felt so calm before, because usually I am the one who is terrified at little things and cowers behind others. Yet at this moment I realized I couldn’t be that person, for the sake of my best friend. After about twenty minutes the rain slightly let up and after finding my dad and brother we all quickly walked to our car, exhausted from the night we silently drove
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