NURS 6053N 12 Taking A Stand

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Taking a Stand
Taking a Stand
Nursing profession is constantly changing with the development of new technologies that lead to a new level of responsibility. The new level of responsibility challenges nurses torespond to different and difficultsituations in the health care industry, especially in protecting the human right, dignity of patients and their safety. Nurses hold adistinctive position as patient advocates, regardless of their respective areas of practice; either in a home health, clinic, or in a hospital setting. Nursesare faced with ethical decisions, both personal and professional decisions.
One of the many roles played by a nurse is to advocate for his or her patients,provide holistic care for them, and make surethat
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She always worked as a team member anddedicated nurse.This is evidenced by the number of compliments she received each time our patient satisfactionsurvey report was reviewed, as well as the compliments from her patients. Strategies to help fulfill the role of an Advocate
Accepting diversity and being culturally sensitive arethe motivating factorsenhancing the readiness to be an advocate for someone else. Diversity is the variancesbetweenindividuals or amongpeople from different ethnic backgrounds.
Ethnic sensitivity and consciousnessenhance thereadiness to take a stand and advocate for somebody else especially in this case with my coworker. It has been almost 35 years since I left my Country, Nigeria, and I still speak with some accent.
Several characteristics of advocacy and the responsibility to the nursing profession increases the possibility that at some point in time, all nurses as well as managers will be confronted with ethical dilemmas in their practices (Marquis & Huston, 2012).

Motivation for taking a stand
My motivation is that when I came to this country in the 1990s, I was accommodated and given the chance to make mistakes and learn from them. Adapting to the American system was not an easy one regardless of my prior knowledge of the English language. I was faced with some challenges,but now I can take a stand to advocate
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