Nano Computing and the Future of Silicon

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Nano computers have the potential to revolutionize the 21st century in the same way that the transistor led to the information age. Increased investments in nanotechnology could lead to breakthroughs such as molecular computers. Billions of very small, fast, and cheap computers networked together can fundamentally change the face of modern IT computing. This miniaturization has already spawned a whole series of consumer-based computing products: computerized clothes, smart furniture, and access to the internet that is a thousand times faster than the late 20th century’s dial-up technology.

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By implementing multi-core processors, we can dramatically increase a computer’s capabilities and computing resources, providing better responsiveness, improving multithreaded throughput, and delivering the advantages of parallel computing to properly thread mainstream applications (Ramanathan). When multi-core processing was just beginning there were already immediate benefits. One immediate benefit was that multi-core processors improved an operating system’s ability to multitask applications. For instance, say you have a virus scan running in the background while you’re working on your word-processing application (Ramanathan). Another major multi-core benefit comes from individual applications optimized for multi-core processors (Ramanathan). These applications, when properly programmed, can split a task into multiple smaller tasks and run them in separate threads
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