Narcissistic Disorder : Effects And Treatments

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Narcissistic Disorder:Effects and Treatments
Sean T. Lee
Cheyney University


This paper is an attempt to shed some light on Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Many people who have this disorder are not usually aware that they have it. People who have a narcissistic personality can have many problems arise in their relationships, on their jobs, and at school. Narcissistic personality disorder is a rare case here in the US, with less than 200,000 reported cases a year. It might be because it isn’t reported enough and most the people who do have it are not going to just come out and say that they do. A person who is a narcissist usually exhibits a fixation with power, vanity, prestige, and personal importance. They are mentally unable to see the damage they are causing to themselves and the people around them. More awareness should be spread about this disorder so that it will become more identifiable in people and better treatment can be discovered. Spreading awareness will also help those who have NPD with getting help for it.
Narcissistic Disorder:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a psychological disorder where the person has a grandiose sense of their own importance, clamors for admiration from others, and cannot empathize with others.
The actual cause narcissism is not known, and it can stem from many different causations. Mayoclinic (2014) has found that some links could possibly be mismatches in parent-child relationships with either
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