Narration V/O: Lady Snowblood

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Narration V/O: “With the action genre in the West taking the cinema by storm, what was needed was another breakthrough, another leading lady to well… lead the way. With the appeal of Sarah Connor and Ripley it was only due for another strong female lead, and thus the “Bride” appeared in Kill Bill Vol. 1.”
VHS rewind effect transition into a montage of Yuki walking calmly with her umbrella until she suddenly starts killing gangsters in her white kimono with her secret umbrella/katana
Music: Music jumps quickly back to Mini Ninja OST Part 2 to orientate the audience for a quick backtrack for Lady Snowblood.
Narration V/O: “Lady Snowblood was the main inspiration for the Kill Bill. Vol. 1 and it can be seen throughout the film as both protagonist are on a pursuit of vengeance all the while committing to
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She then slowly begins holster her katana with the screen slowly fading to black as the sword slowly is slid back into the sheath.
Music: Continued but softens as the screen turns to black.
Narration V/O: Kill Bill Vol. 1 and all the other films mentioned previously represent the changing times in terms of the female representation in film. With more and more steps towards changing the stereotypes of women and hopefully opening up more roles for women to take in film, in an industry where gender should not equate to the restriction of opportunities for women in film. Through the interpretations of gender in the martial arts genre, we can view the genre as a medium to combat the gender stereotypes and hopefully allow the creation of more roles for women and men alike. In the end differentiating the perception that “female roles” do not always have to mean “feminine roles”. Conveying that the genre has a whole can help guide the film industry in creating new ways of exploring femininity in films to
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