Narrative Essay About A Dog Walk

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It was a sunny weekend, about mid-afternoon, the whole family minding there own buisness. Then, my mom proposed that we go a family dog walk. During this walk what could have gone wrong went wrong in almost a devastating way. Everyone got their shoes on and I called Luna and Katy from their doggie den, located in my brother's closet. I got the doggies harnessed up and attempted to tighten Luna harness that my mom and I purchased a couple days prior. My brothers and I ditched our parents, with the dogs, thinking that we would just walk down the hill and wait for them at the bottom. Since, our mom was taking forever to get ready and we were bored out of our minds. We headed down the hill, red wood needles scattered across the road and Ann’s little cottage home to the left of us. While bickering with my brothers I was commentin “ Remember how you two said you did not wand another dog because it would detracte from the greatness of Katy, but you two now love Luna.” Camron quickly replied with “Well that was befor we got Luna.” Tyler followed with “Yay!” having smirky look on his face.
Meanwhile Luna was pulling on the leash like a sled dog, even though her mighty ten pounds could not budge me. Then, I in the blink of an eye Luna was facing me and cat leaped back wards out of her harness. She bolted towards Ann’s house, running after I realized there was no way I was going to catch up. To my luck Ann was in her backyard tending to her plants and luna being the

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