Narrative Essay About My Birthday

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Him: Here this was supposed to be your birthday present. It’s a promise ring. But I guess it’s kind of pointless now. My mind was spinning. I so furious, I didn’t understand why he would send that in the middle of a fight or why he would say its pointless now like we were breaking up! I just ignored his message and picture because I was so mad but I started to look at the picture of the ring and I noticed it had what appeared to be scratched on the band and it looked a little worn. I ignored it because after all it was just a picture. After we made up a few days later I went over to his house and he gave me the ring before my birthday and I was looking at it and it still looked like it had been worn, the gold band had scratches, the purple gem wasn’t as shiny and a new ring. So I asked him about it. “Is this someone else's ring?” I asked. “Uhm, no why would you ask that?” He quickly responded. I sat staring at the ring and looking at the scratches and said; “Because it looks like there is scratches on it and it looks used.” He sat for a moment looked down at the ground then back at me, “Actually Ashton, it was my sisters it’s not new.” I just sat and said “That’s okay.” and that was the end of it. When I got home I couldn’t really place why he would lie to me first about it not being used and it kind of did bother me that he lied but I just tried to brush it off. At that point I felt like I was nothing to him. I felt like I was a piece of dust he could just flick off his

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