Narrative Essay About My Birthday

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It was a beautiful morning on july 5th, 2015. Nine days until my birthday! Outside the bird were chirping and the sun was beaming through my window. I had just woken up as my mom came into my room, telling me to come downstairs because they had an early birthday present for me. In my mind, I was thinking maybe something arrived from Amazon and they just decided to give it to me now. After lying in bed for a little while on my phone, I decided to get up. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and went downstairs to see what this was all about. Right when I turned the corner into the kitchen, I saw a poster board that said “SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on it. Next to the sign, there was a food bowl and a dog cage. I immediately knew that it …show more content…

Right when I saw him, I knew that he was a perfect match for my family.
“Oh my gosh, he’s so cute! The original owner told us some information on the dog.
“He doesn’t have an original name, so you can name him whatever you want, any ideas?” “We have already decided on Murphy.” My mom explained “Sounds wonderful. Also, he is only 8 weeks old so you have to give some of this medicine in case he gets home sick” Paul replied as he handed over the medicine. “Got it, anything else?” “One more thing. You have to brush him very often because his fur gets tangled really easily.”
“Okay thanks, I think we are gonna get him.”
“Great! I just have some forms that you have to fill out before you leave.” Paul exclaimed I was so happy. After my parents were done paying and getting his forms, we headed back home! When we got in the car, my parents told me that since he is so little, we have to go get a carrier so he doesn’t slide around in the car and get hurt. On the way to the store, he was shaking like he was scared, and I had a feeling he didn’t really like being in a car. When we got to Lowes, my mom and I stayed in the car with Murphy while my dad went in to get the carrier. About 15 minutes later, my dad came out with a small

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