Narrative Essay On Juvenile Violence

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As I was growing up from a divorced household, my family was different from the average. My sister, two brothers, and I would go to my mom’s house one week and the next week my dad’s. My brothers weren’t pleased about this, they wouldn’t come home sometimes. When that started happening, they eventually became established with the wrong people and started to hardly come home at all. Bradley was 14 years old when this all started to happen and Chandler was 15. Many teachers tried to help them stay in school and become better people. My parents weren’t home a lot during these times. My mom had to work two jobs to support us and my father’s job gave him crazy hours that made it so he wouldn’t be home until twelve at night. Bradley and Chandler…show more content…
He would be high during school and shot up at home and leave the stuff in plain sight. Well his friends would try things on their test subject me. I was ten when it started to about thirteen until he was caught served a lot of year juvenile detention. Chandler would test a lot of different drugs on me forcefully. If I had told anyone what they would hurt me. Chandler was very reckless while he was on drugs, he would almost get in wrecks or just bluntly steal or just bully me. Chandler would get arrested for drinking under influence or under influence of drugs, stealing, driving without a license, selling drugs. While chandler was serving time in juvenile detention center he would change to a better person and be someone that would be successful and someone that would have a future, the first few months that the way he would be. Then after those months he would go back to his old ways and wait until he was caught again. The juvenile detention center was affect inside their walls, they would help them enroll to online school and they would get education. But juvenile detention center mostly focusing on punishment, incapacitation, and protecting society from certain offenses. Punishment is serving time for however long the judge gives individual commenting their crime. Incapacitation the convicted offender, juvenile detention center prevents the individual from committing future crimes because
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