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Escape I sit alone on the floor in a room. I am blinded by some sort of cloth covering my eyes and can hear nothing but muffled voices in the room next to this one. As I sit, the sweat on my forehead accumulates in the dread of his arrival. The cloth on my face is very heavy and very thick. It reminds me of the wool on my mom’s coat. This makes me think about how I got here and about how much I wish I could leave. But I can’t, I’m stuck until someone comes to rescue me. The cloth itches my nose, but I can’t scratch it. Those were the rules and if I disobey then who knows what will happen to me. The air in here is stiff and uncomfortable. It smells stale like my grandmother 's house. The wood underneath my legs is smooth and cold. The cold takes over my body and I shiver never knowing when I will stop. The muffled voices in the room next to this one slowly grow louder as I try to understand their words. I lean my head back on the wall and realize I have no idea what time it is. How long have I been in this room? 5 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour? It dawns on me that the voices in the other room have stopped. Is he coming for me? I sit in silence holding my breath with suspense hoping he forgot. Then they start again. Relieved I let out my breath all at once and relax. Well, I relax as much as one can in my position. I think back to when I arrived and how many other people there were. Where are they now? They couldn’t have just disappeared into thin air, could they? There

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