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A short 1-hour trip north of Toronto, Barrie makes for a convenient and idyllic getaway from the concentrated and high-speed city life. Barrie’s charm goes further than its comparative quietude: the growing city is home to some of the most inspiring cultural entertainment and recreation as we and has in its backyard some of the most picturesque lakes and landscapes found throughout all of Ontario. Nestled between the great Georgian bay and Lake Simcoe, the city of Barrie is beautifully situated within one of the most serene environments in Canada; it’s the sort of area that is naturally imbued with that refreshing radiance that can only be found in more natural surroundings.

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The most frequented beaches in the area – Centennial, Wilkin’s and Johnson’s –are great places for swimming, sunbathing, mingling, partying, beach volleyball, all forms of boating, and fishing. Camping is a wonderful way to spend a few nights in Barrie. With many campgrounds, hiking trails and canoe and kayak rentals available.

Beach spots along Georgian bay are always a popular destination and make for a great place to either relax by the water or be active during the summer periods. The most popular of these spots is Wasaga beach, particularly known for its high energy, communal atmosphere and its exciting spring break gatherings. But Wasaga is a worthy destination whether or not students are out celebrating. The beach makes for a great place to take family and friends out for a relaxed afternoon or a longer getaway.

Beyond the beaches Barrie has an enthusiastic and thriving sports culture. Athletes won’t have to look far to find leagues, teams and events for nearly any sport; hockey, basketball, football, soccer, skating, bowling, baseball, curling, gymnastics, golf, rock climbing, martial arts, rugby and skiing are all popular in and around the city.

Barrie’s population is large enough and eclectic enough that its culture is continuously becoming richer and delving to greater depths as the

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