Narrative: Henry Ford (Grady G.)

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Narrative: Henry Ford (Grady G.)
You can choose any color as long as it's Black. Hey there folks I’m Henry Ford.

I was born in Greenfield Michigan, it’s a former civil township of Wayne County, Michigan; it was created from a portion of neighboring Springwells Township in 1833. Around the same time that I realized I had talent in engineering we were shocked with the death of my mother Mary.
As a child I loved to tinker and fiddle with things & my mother Mary encouraged me and I Later got a pocket watch and disassembled it and reassembled it, people shocked with my talent had me fixing their timepieces also. A few years after that I felt it was time to go off into the real world to find work, at my first job I was let go of and later …show more content…

When I was 13 years old, my father gifted me a pocket watch, which I took apart and reassembled. My Friends and neighbors were impressed and requested that I fix their timepieces too. for several years the company posted 100 percent gains. However, for more than my profits I became renowned for my revolutionary vision: the manufacturing of an inexpensive automobile made by skilled workers who earn steady wages. In 1914 I sponsored the development of the moving assembly line technique of mass production. I introduced the $5-per-day wage as a method of keeping the best workers loyal to my company and it’s still used in many businesses throughout the world today . Simple to drive and easy to repair, half of all cars in America in 1918 were Model T's.
After I introduced The Model T I was known for that but also creating the assembly line which created mass production of products, some still find throughout the world today. The Model T quickly became renowned throughout the world for its reliability and affordability. In 1919 I named my son Edsel the head of Ford Motor Company. When 1927 rolled around I had built many buildings along the bank of River Rouge Dearborn Michigan and those buildings included a steel mill and glass factory and other key components of automobile manufacturing.

April 7 I died at 11:40 tonight at the age of 83 of a cerebral hemorrhage. I had retired a little more than a year and a half before from active direction of the great industrial empire I founded in 1903. “Quality means doing it right when no one's

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