Narrative-Shepherd Kadee's Death Of A Dog

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Walking home, cold and wet, something didn’t feel right. I couldn't really explain it, nothing seemed wrong with anything.I set my things down and sat by my German shepherd Kadee and petted her brown and grey fur. I can see in her vast brown eyes, she was cheerful to see me and I was overjoyed to see her, she wasn’t just my dog she was the best friend I ever had, But at the same time she was heartbroken. I wasn't sure why, but it made me upset seeing her like that. It took a couple days for me to notice, but she couldn't go up and down the stairs by herself, But most of all her character changed she went from a joyful playful dog Into a lazy one, She was dog-tired all thee time. She spent her days laying in her bed not playing with me. …show more content…

When the puppies arrived it was different, they would run around and never left each other side, But what shocked me the most was the fact Kadee was was raising them as her own. I started to assume she was getting better that she would be here still be here for another year or maybe more.

March 4 2016 this is the day she died.It was a grey cloudy day. The night before she couldn’t stand, and worse of all I refused to see her. I was angry at myself and still am. I wanted to say goodbye, but I couldn’t , i wouldn’t move they were glued to the ground. And still to this day I regret not saying goodbye, I'm mad at myself and I always will be. I felt like I made her feel blue when I didn’t say goodbye. But I still laugh when I surmise about her I still cry too. She was the best dog i could ever have. For the next few weeks every day was grey. It was like the sun didn't shine anymore.

Are you wondering what I learned. I now know it's what you do that makes you remember I will always remember her because she is special, she was my best friend and even now that she's gone I can still look back and still laugh and still cry. Love is like air, you can feel it, but it's always there even when the person, animal, or thing isn’t there anymore. They still bring you

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