Narrative Summary Of ' The Case '

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I. NARRATIVE SUMMARY OF THE CASE A. Case Summary Mary has been married for the last 3 years with her new husband after the first marriage of 11 years broke up. She had been married before at age 18 when, she was young and immature and now she was 32 years with a daughter aged 12 years. Her first marriage had broken because of domestic violence and she thought her second marriage would work. Mary married Jeff, her second husband because she wanted security for her child, and Jeff was looking for someone to care for his sick mother, since she was suffering from stoke and more so she was old. Therefore, their marriage was out of convenience rather than love. As time passed, Jeff started to abuse Mary; he would berate her and verbally abuse her in front of her child Nina. Things worsened and he started to beat her up, the beatings become a daily routine and he would slap Mary and Nina without any provocation. Things did not stop here, when Mary went to care for Jeff’s mum who stayed in an adjacent house, Jeff would at times sneak back in the house and started doing funny things to Nina, for instance he would walk around naked in the house and ask Nina to touch him, Nina tried to avoid this but he would face the poor child to do it by threatening that he would beat the hell out of her. Nina did not know what to do or what to tell her mum, because she was scared of the consequences since her step father, Jeff had threatened her that he will kill her if she dared say anything
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