Narrative Treatment For A Three-Hour Video

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Homework: One-page narrative treatment for a 3-minute video
A working Title: The best way to love her is understand her.
A logline: A man seeks the best healthy and low-calories snack for his girlfriend who is on a diet, showing that the best love is to understand what she exactly needs –-- 0 fat snack.
Key Character:
1. A young white-collar lady who is on a diet. She is lightly fat. She doesn’t want any unhealthy and high-calories food. She is busy in working, so she rarely has time to cook at home. She often struggles to choose healthy and low-calories food when she is starving. Her name is Ruby.
2. Ruby’s boyfriend is 4 years older than Ruby and he cares more about Ruby’s health than her figure. He loves Ruby and wants to make her happy. His name is John.
Act 1, 1-3 paragraphs:
Scene 1: Home
A woman …show more content…

She is reluctant to go out to get fast food, so she wants to buy some snacks to satisfy her hunger a little bit. She goes to vender machine. She finds out that all of the snacks in this vendor machine contain a lot additive and are high-calorie, such as energy bar, candies and cornflakes. She fawns and upset because there is nothing healthy and low-calorie snack that she wants to eat. She calls her boyfriend that she is starving and she asks her boyfriend to bring some snacks to her. Act 2, 2-4 paragraphs: Dramatize the conflicts introduced in Act 1 leading to a crisis or a climax
While ruby is doing work, she is also eager to waiting for her boyfriend. But when her boyfriend gets to her office and takes out all snacks to her, she feels like hitting the bottom of rock because all of the snacks are unhealthy like chips, cornflakes, energy bars, juice and candies, which drives her to crazy. She refuses to eat all of it. She tells her boyfriend, “No additive! No sugar! No fry! No candies! ” Her boyfriend gets an idea suddenly and he runs away. Act 3, 1-3 paragraphs: Dramatize the final conflict and

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