Narrativetive In The Ted-Talk, Susain Cain Narrative

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In the Ted-Talk, Susain Cain Narrative, Susain can be described as unsociable and there are many quotes from the Ted-Talk that prove that to be correct. One quote from the Narrative was, “I recited a cheer along with everybody else. I did my best. And I just waited for the time that I could go off and read my books. This quote proves Susain to be unsociable because although she tried her best to recite a cheer with everyone else, she didn’t enjoy doing it. She said she just waited for the time where she could read her books. That proves her to be unsociable because she doesn’t like doing things with others but likes being alone reading books, and she just waits to be able to read. Although she did recite the cheer with other people and tried her best, she just didn’t enjoy it, because if she did enjoy it then she won’t be waiting for the time where she was able to read books. She is unsociable because, reciting cheers with others is a social activity but she doesn’t enjoy reciting cheers with others, instead she likes to be alone reading books. Another example from the Narrative is, “And my mother packed me with a suitcase full of books, which to me seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do.” She also said, “And this might sound anti-social to you, but for us it was really just a different way of being social. You have this animal warmth of your family sitting next to you, but you are also free to go roaming around in the adventureland inside your mind.” This also means is

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