Nashville In Tennessee

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The wondrous city of Nashville in Tennessee might come off as quite intimidating especially if you’re not oriented with what the word ‘country’ means. Despite its reputation of being a city highly leaning on the usual cowboy-in-boots personas, Nashville is truly more about the yearly rodeo shows and Sunday barbecue gatherings. Now that it’s being more and more known in the field of travel and tourism, Nashville is showing how promising it could be by highlighting its other side screaming of culture rich canopies and energetic aura all throughout. Music also plays a humongous part of the city and expect to hear nothing but sweet tones and charming melodies in even the littlest corner. (2) Location (3) Nashville can be easily located…show more content…
Built just in 1996, this landmark is actually made to remember Tennessee’s 200th birthday and is dotted with random stuff explaining history and legacy. Cumberland Park (7) If you wish to spend some quality time with the family and you want to expose your children to some outdoor fun, then the Cumberland Park is the best bet that you can go for. The 6.5-acre expanse of greens and lawns would certainly lift you up in a joyous spirit, making it more difficult to leave Nashville too soon. Kids can enjoy the washboard play pens and a climbing wall for some stretching and exercise. An amphitheater is also located within its realm, and you can watch shows there on schedule if you’re extremely lucky to find vacancies. Ryman Auditorium (8) Since music is something of a huge importance to the people of Nashville, the Ryman Auditorium is the best stage there is to witness it. Some of the many famous acts played here includes that of the Grand Ole Opry, Martha Graham, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and Katherine
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