Nate, Nate And Ben

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It was a sunny Friday afternoon, Nate and his best friend, Ben, were outside playing basketball for a long time at a local park, which has a basketball court. Nate was worn out, but Ben was still energized. “Well, that’s ten in a row, Nate,” said Ben.
Nate has been desperately trying to win a game against Ben, who had never lost a game against Nate or anyone who didn’t play on the basketball team. Nate never could win because Ben was an athletic, tall basketball player. Nate was twelve years old, short, and slim for his grade, considering that he started school a year early. He does better academically than Ben, but he gets beat in athletics. Two months ago, Nate and Ben both tried out for the basketball team. Ben did amazing on the
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“Basketball is stupid!” exclaimed Nate, throwing the ball on the ground.
His dad saw Nate struggling and went to the court to help him. Nate’s dad was a former basketball player for Nate’s middle and high school. He was a tall, lean man, who did not actually look like Nate’s dad because of his height, but he knew how to play basketball very well. He showed Nate how to properly shoot and other tricks that would help him get better in basketball. He showed him how to drive in and do a lay-up and how to defend people who are bigger, taller, and faster than you and all the tips to beat Ben in a game. He also showed him how to trick the other player by pretending to go forward so they also move forward and then you step back, shoot, and make it.
“You have to dribble like this,” said Dad, showing Nate how to dribble between his legs.
Nate learned from him and started to get better. He never felt this way before. He had confidence that he was going to win, and nothing was going to take that away.
“How do you know all this?” questioned Nate to his father.
“Well, I told you before that I have played basketball before for your school,” explained Dad.
“Yeah, I know, but how do you still remember how to play?” implored Nate. “Also, how are you still this good?”
“Well, son, when you are gone at school, sometimes, I bring my buddies over and play a little game of basketball.” he said.
“My team always wins because I’m on it,” he said, grinning.
He helped Nate regain confidence and
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