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National Semiconductor Case Study

National Semiconductor (NSC), based in Santa Clara, California, manufactures integrated circuits in analog and mixed signal chips. NSC established the India Design Center (IDC) in Bangalore in 1995 to capitalize on the availability of a low cost and highly specialized labor force. 2002 has not been a good year for NSC, resulting in a net loss of $122 million. The IDC has gradually become NSC’s fastest growing overseas design house and is the “go-to” team at NSC that upper management relies on for new product development. However, IDC is in need of a robust management development program. The team recently instated a 360-degree (360D) feedback process as a managerial developmental
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While they desire to develop the same open, cooperative, trusting relationships they have discovered in 360D, some other integration process or procedure would be valuable.
Also for consideration is whether 360D has served its purpose, or if continued development will be valuable to the group. Would annual 360D surveys continue the development? Not only is integrating new managers a concern, continued development of individual management skills and continued development of the team as a whole are valuable. Can the group expect their current skills and relationships to be satisfactory, or do they need constant development attention, and if so, what is the best technique. Also, if the 360D were to become an annual process, is it redundant, or additive to the performance review process currently in place?
The management relationship between IDC and Santa Clara is challenged by the geographic separation (and time difference), impairing the ability to build trusting relationships and open communication . The IDC has had great success with the 360D process. Is there a similar process that would deliver the same result for the relationship between the management teams in Santa Clara and IDC?
Finally, the current operation is impaired by its own change in processes, leading to work groups operating as silos, and
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