National Sports In Japan

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1. Introduction
The country that I investigate is Japan. The element I choose is the sports in Japan.
The development of sports in Japan started from the Edo period. Sports is a popular way for people to spend their free time at that period. Although the sports in Japan is developing, the problem was that people were always accompanied by gambling.
However, after the Meiji restoration and the end of the second world war, with the economic recovery and growth, the sports development in Japan become rapidly. Some western sports were introduced into Japan, such as the track and field events, basketball and football. Nowadays, the sports in Japan has become strong in Asian countries.

2. Unique characteristics of the cultural element
There are
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There are several kinds of national sports, such as sumo wrestling, kendo, and kyudo. Japanese believes that the national sports is a form of art. According to an article The Characteristics and Enlightenment of Japanese National Sports Culture (Suen and Chu, 2011), national sports is not only containing "skill", but also contains the "principle, purpose, Buddhism and the principles of the universe," as the content of the "Tao", but also need to realize the "Tao", feel the "Tao", and under the guidance of the "Tao" to complete the harmony of body and mind, skills and Taoism. It reflected that national sports not only can improve our physical health, also it can improve our mental health. Through the national sports, it can enhance our morality and our manner which can also adopt it in our study, work and socializing. Therefore, the national sports in Japan is a valuable…show more content…
After the Meiji restoration, western sports become flow into Japan through the educational system, such as baseball, football and tennis. These sports had become the most popular sports in Japan nowadays. For example, the strength of the baseball in japan is the first in Asia based on the baseball rankings of March 2017 of Baseball Federation of Asia. This sport was introduced in Japan as a school sports in 1872 by an American English professor, Horace Wilson. From that time, Japan start the development of baseball. Moreover, another example is football. According to an article (The 8 most popular Sports om Japan, 2016), it mentioned that there was an ancient "kick ball" sport called cuju that developed in China and spread to Japan. At the 19th century, football was introduced to Japan by Lieutenant-Commander Archibald Lucius Douglas of the British Royal Navy, who taught it to Japanese navy cadets between 1873 and 1879. So, started from that time, Japan develops football and become one of the strongest football team in the world. Thus, we could see that the modern sports in Japan are introduced by other countries. Although they are not the original, Japan can develop them effectively and become popular and strong in Asian countries. And I think that’s why the modern sports become a major in the sports of
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