National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd

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1. Introduction

National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. (NTPC) a global giant in the power sector was set up on7th November 1975, with an objective to accelerate the electricity generation by planning, promoting and organizing integrated development of thermal power in India. NTPC was ranked 2nd among the 250 largest Power Producers and Energy Traders in the world by Platts in 2015. On overall basis NTPC ranked 56th amongst Platts 250 Companies. It also received ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance in 2009.
NTPC’s expertise is in engineering, construction and operation of power generating plants. It also provides consultancy in the area of power plant constructions and power generation to several companies in India and overseas. With a rich experience of engineering, construction and operation of over 30,000 MW of thermal generating capacity, it is the largest and one of the most efficient power companies in India, having operations that are at par with the global standards.
Corresponding with our country’s growth challenges, NTPC has embarked upon an ambitious plan to attain a total installed capacity of 75,000 MW by 2017. Towards this end, NTPC has adopted a multi-pronged strategy such as Greenfield Projects, Brownfield Projects, Joint Venture and Acquisition route. Apart from this, NTPC has also adopted the Diversification Strategy in related business areas, such as, Services, Coal Mining, Power Trading, Power Exchange, Manufacturing to ensure…
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