Nationalism And Its Impact On The Nation

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Nationalism refers to an ideology that mainly focuses on the nation as a whole organism supported by the people bonded to the nation. The people who are bonded to the nation are the citizens of the country and nationalists usually try to make the country better even if the results end up as making the situation worse. Nazism, a movement brought about by National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NAZI) whose leader was Hitler, can be described as nationalist. Nazism had an objective; “the recovery and maintenance in health of that God-given organism, the Nation” (Strasser Fourteen theses ex.11). The main aim of all these objectives is to make new Germany capable of higher strength and contains only pure Germans within. With the increase in military and pure German who Nazi had believed were better physically as well as in intelligence, the nation itself would have higher strength and had more purity in race where there would be less discrimination and disorder within the country. So, Nazism is a nationalist. This essay will reinforce the point that Nazism is a nationalist by focusing on Nazi increasing the nation’s strength through the creation of self-efficient economy by increasing workforce as well as increasing the military might, enhancing the education by demanding more from the students in terms of mentally as well as physically and the process in which purity of Germans is increased such as laws that prevent non-Germans from having citizenships. The Nazi’s persistence
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