Native American Colonization

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Shortly following Columbus’s encounter with the new world in 1492, European settlers would make the long journey to North America in hopes of land, riches, and freedom. However, little did they consider the lives of the Native Americans, who had been there long before Columbus’s “discovery”, or how they would disrupt their ancient customs and way of life. Upon the arrival of the Europeans, the Native Americans were experiencing an agricultural revolution, where tribes all across the United States were becoming more sedentary, as well as developing new sources of food, clothing, and shelter. With the intrusion of the influx of Europeans, however, all of this was disrupted with their selfish and incognizant actions. The English tended to oppress Native Americans both economically and culturally by denying their potential contributions to help grow settlements in the New World. In contrast, the French developed peaceful, mutually beneficial relations with Native Americans in the establishment of the French fur trade and culturally befriended them. With England’s growing economic problems due to frequent, costly European wars, and harsh manoralism in the countryside, the New World seemed like a place where English settlement could start anew, and create a perfect, cohesive society, unlike that of the flawed Old World. From the beginning of their intrusion in North America, English settlers sought to expand English rule and law over the Indians, who they referred to as

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