Native Americans And The Native American Tribe

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Different Cultures The Europeans and the Native Americans arguably do not co-exist because different groups did not allow them to be their own tribes. The Europeans treated the Indians with as little respect as possible. The Indians were used to work including the women and children. The Christians changed how they were viewed by the Indians because they suffered from beatings and other tragedies among their tribes. The Native American tribes wanted peace within their groups although they were fighting with the Europeans and killings between the two cultures occurred. The Indians had people that were on their side and agreed with their views. Although the Indians where being used as slaves and treated poorly. The Native Americans and the English did not agree with each other, which resulted in the Indians land being taken away, being slaves, and the English making the Indians work for them. The Native Americans were looked as being animals, or evil beings, as well as being seen as a soul to be saved. In “The Navajo Creation Story” the Native American tribe wanted the “establishment of harmony and balance among the gods, the People and all the other sentient beings. Especially important is the attainment of a relationship of harmony and balance between husband and wife.” (26) the Native American tribe wanted to make a living and support their tribe members by gathering and using resources to create balance within their tribes. The Europeans did not agree with the choices of
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