Native Americans and the Issue of Alcoholism Essay

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Following the European invasion in America, Native Americans came to endure many problems. While some have faded, others still linger on in their lives. The issue of alcohol and alcoholism is one of them. From settlers using it to deceive, to today’s issues on the reservation, alcohol has played a devastating role in the lives of Native Americans. Knowing how the issue of alcohol became such a predominate part of Native Americans lives will allow us to spawn ideas on how to end the problem. Before the colonists arrived in America, Native Americans had little to no knowledge of alcoholic beverages. (“Stereotypes of Native Americans” par. 1 ). Low alcohol beverages were produced by some tribes but this was only used for ceremonial…show more content…
185). Scientific study also is affected by these stereotype and leads to biased results. Recent studies were found to have false results about the percentage of Native American alcoholics from two reservations. Even though the results of the new study found that the amount of alcoholics on the reservation were fifty percent higher than national averages, it was still considerably lower than the previous study which found up to eighty percent of the men on the reservations were alcoholics (Ham par. 2). With stereotypes becoming so inflated that it affects scientific studies, a higher concern of solving this problem must begin. Native Americans have dealt with many problems after European colonization, and one of the prevalent issues is alcoholism. With the history of alcohol being an invasive and with modern times leading to more cases of alcoholism, it is hard to say when the Native Americans will see the day when their communities are free of this trouble. Section 2: Alcoholism is an issue in many peoples lives. But for Native Americans it has become a very common issues effecting many people. Native Americans also affect more than health, issues like stereotyping and control come into play. Two authors decided to include the effects of alcohol in their works. By showing the affects of alcohol in Native Americans, people will be able to see the difficulties of the disease and try to overcome some of the problems. In the play
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