Natural Disaster Management : The Challenges Of Natural Disaster Management

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Natural disaster management has become a worldwide challenge that has made organizations and institutions shift from the attitude of it being a one person issue into being a national and international issue that can only be handled in collaboration with other organizations globally (Sandwell). He also posits that these challenges are caused by natural factors example not being able to predict an earthquake or a flood and the intensity of the forthcoming destruction. However, the environment in which libraries operate makes it prone to the elements of natural disaster (Latonero, Shklovski). As Parsons has states in his account of the destruction of the library at Alexandria some 2000 years ago; “The brittle and frail paper of Egypt and even tougher skins of Pergamon seem fragile media indeed on which to confide the precious knowledge and wisdom of the ages. Ready victim of the accidents of nature, fire, water and the other elemental forces…the book would appear to have small chance of survival”. It should be clearly noted that, libraries are particularly susceptible to disasters because of their nature and resources they acquire. For example, a national library one of the most important cultural institution that protects the nation’s heritage has been destroyed because of natural disasters, that country would eventually lose their rich and treasured collection. The value of their resources must be protected; therefore, it is imperative for natural disaster management
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