Nature And Nurture : Is It Influenced By Life Experiences And The Environment

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The way you look and you physical feature all thing that we get from your parents , things like your eyes and hair colors are things that we in……. from our parents . However talents and personality do not come from your mother or father it come from that environment . a place where you grews up has a big affect on how you talk and how you react or respond things around them.The nature and nurture debate is hard to choose if a person development is influenced by the DNA or is it influenced by life experiences and the environment. Both nature and nurture have a big role on how children develop. A child is born with around one hundred billion nerve cells however none of the cells have mad the connection in which they need to decide how the person is going to be social, emotional, and intellectual nearly all the connection happened in the first years of a child life. These connection are very important and thos whoever come in contact with a child in the pirdro will have an affect on how the child become . a child brain cell is always making different connections sending message all around the body and receiving new information from all the different cells. All these signal that are being sent and received , the cell travel through a chemical like serotonins . Electrical impulses are transferred by the synaptic gaps and dendrites later it moves down the axon to the terminal buttons. The information that is shared between brain cells is very important for

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